Our integrated technology services

By working with Madison Technologies, you will work with seasoned professionals who have a background domain in IT security, scaling networking infrastructures, conceptualising and launching regional digital marketing campaigns. No matter the stage of your company or product, the team at Madison Technologies can ensure that your business goals can be optimised and improved from end-to-end.

security hardening

We provide enterprise-grade security consultations for your organisation, including security audits on your existing systems and security practices. Additional services include maintenance activities which consists of security practices correction, capabilities enhancement, security awareness training, and service optimisations. Our security team adapts our services based on the dynamic nature of internet and software updates, to ensure better reliability and a higher confidence of protection against cyber security threats.

Mobile and tablet app

We develop fully native iOS and Android mobile apps that meet all required standards from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. With more than 10 years of experience developing mobile apps, we have streamlined our development process to ensure a smooth launch of our partner apps.

Responsive website

Our seasoned team of frontend and backend engineers develop web applications that can scale to millions of users around the world. To ensure scalability of our projects, we focus on developing quality APIs and  ensure seamless integration with cloud-based services. Our developers work closely with our quality assurance team to deliver an effective web  solution that works across different devices and platforms.

API Integration

Our development team is well-versed in integrating various third-party services including but not limited to Single Sign-On services, such as:

  • Facebook, Google, Apple Sign-ins
  • SMS Gateway (Twilio)
  • Payment Gateways
    (Stripe, Curlec, Paypal, Shopify)

User centered UX Design

To ensure an optimal experience to end-users whilst meeting business goals from our partners, we follows the best practices in Design Thinking during requirement gathering and the design phase. With an outside-in approach from our team, we often look at user feedbacks, impressions and reactions early on in the project by collecting insights via usability testing sessions. This ensures the designs for our partner’s products are well received and effective for both our partner and the end user.

Scaling IT Infrastructure

With our proprietary solutions and processes, we build highly scalable infrastructures that can be easily scaled to millions of users from around the world. We also work closely with our partners and advise the best solutions depending on the stage of their company or product maturity. Infrastructures that we set up and manage are kept at a secure facility with enterprise-grade security. Our services includes server monitoring and taking swift actions against performance or downtime issues.