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The Mistakes I Made as a New CTO

The Mistakes I Made as a New CTO

"Every project starts for a reason, and that's how Madison Technologies began. Sometimes, we forget why we do things. Even when things go wrong, there's something important to learn. I believe failures can teach us a lot. This idea pushed me to choose a hopeful path. My experience as the first CTO of GOJEK (now called GoTo and listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange) influenced my choices. Let's explore this journey together, where we learn from the past to move ahead." - Sheran Gunasekera

Madison Technologies 6 minutes read

Clutch Crowns Madison Technologies as one of the Game-Changing Web Developers in Singapore

Madison Technologies, a dedicated web development specialist, takes pride in crafting bespoke websites and digital solutions that empower businesses online. Honored to be recognized by Clutch as a top Web Developer in Singapore, our team remains committed to excellence and innovation, continually striving to surpass client expectations.

Madison Technologies 1 minute read

Shop, Charge, Earn with MadEV: Madison’s Role in IPC’s Loyalty App EV Charging Integration

The global EV charging market is rapidly growing, exceeding USD 20.3 billion in 2022 and set to expand by 21.3% by 2032. Malaysia is actively pursuing ambitious EV and hybrid vehicle goals. IPC Shopping Centre leads this transition, integrating EV charging into their loyalty app with Madison Technologies' support, making it convenient for customers and visitors to charge their vehicles during leisure time, launching the EV Charger Management Solution in October 2023.

Madison Technologies 5 minutes read

Top 3 Benefits of Having Dedicated Teams for Your Projects

In the fast-paced tech industry, Dedicated Teams (aka Dedicated Resources) offer a hallmark of efficiency and reliability. They ensure the successful completion of software projects, delivering both technical excellence and lasting partnerships. Opting for this service provides unmatched value to clients, making the choice of Dedicated Teams a wise and efficient strategy for software development.

Madison Technologies 2 minutes read

Can You Have Fun with Ransomware?

"Protecting your digital world is paramount, and ransomware attacks are a growing threat. I've been immersed in this topic for a while now, and I believe it's high time I open up and share my personal insights on how we can brace ourselves for such situations" - Sheran Gunasekera

Madison Technologies 8 minutes read

Intuitive Multi-Cloud Deployments with Code

Concluding our exploration of the NixOS topic, we'll now delve into incremental automated deployments through Pulumi and cloud-init. Discover how this flexible configuration effortlessly migrates across AWS, GCP, Azure, and beyond with minimal code adjustments.

Madison Technologies 8 minutes read

Take Your NixOS Container Config and Shove It…

Welcome back to our part 2 of NixOS series. In our previous article, we covered the installation of NixOS on DigitalOcean. Now, let's delve into the exciting possibilities that await you once NixOS is up and running on your DigitalOcean instance.

Madison Technologies 9 minutes read

Install NixOS on DigitalOcean

In this article, we will provide you with an in-depth guide on installing NixOS on DigitalOcean. The step-by-step instructions are meticulously documented based on the personal work process of Sheran, our CEO.

Madison Technologies 5 minutes read

How to Build An ARM64 Docker Image Running Chrome Headless Shell

If you're wondering how to create an ARM64 Docker image that runs Chrome Headless Shell, this article has got you covered. Our very own Co-Founder at Madison Technologies went through the whole process and documented it in detail.

Madison Technologies 11 minutes read

The Great Resignation – A Revolution of the Tech Workplace

A wave of job turnover resulting from the pandemic is disproportionately affecting the Tech market for talent, causing a shift of power in an already hot market that is now experiencing a furious reshuffling.

Madison Technologies 2 minutes read

Launching a tech startup? Avoid common pitfalls with our end-to-end resource packages

To be successful in establishing a tech startup, one has to have the right resources to develop product offerings. Whatever stage your startup is in, Madison Technology offers curated bundles for your development needs.

Madison Technologies 3 minutes read

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