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Can You Have Fun with Ransomware?

"Protecting your digital world is paramount, and ransomware attacks are a growing threat. I've been immersed in this topic for a while now, and I believe it's high time I open up and share my personal insights on how we can brace ourselves for such situations" - Sheran Gunasekera

Madison Technologies 8 minutes read

The Mistakes I Made as a New CTO

"Every project starts for a reason, and that's how Madison Technologies began. Sometimes, we forget why we do things. Even when things go wrong, there's something important to learn. I believe failures can teach us a lot. This idea pushed me to choose a hopeful path. My experience as the first CTO of GOJEK (now called GoTo and listed on the Indonesian Stock Exchange) influenced my choices. Let's explore this journey together, where we learn from the past to move ahead." - Sheran Gunasekera

Madison Technologies 6 minutes read